Missing Art

Missing Art

I recently was at a local art museum that I visit regularly. I tend to meet a friend and stroll through the galleries. I've been going to this museum since I was 15 years old. It’s just a space where I find it intimate and relaxing, alone or with company.

This time, I was leaving, I had a euphony. It was as if someone had slapped my face, and I was completely shocked and disbelieving. I stood there momentarily, contemplating how and why I felt that way. Then it dawned on me.

Where were the same-sex couples? I mean, really, the full collection of this art museum was not one representation. Well, there was one Mapplethorpe photo, which Mapplethorpe was unique and exploratory but not a true display of same-sex relationships.

I was completely disgusted and couldn't believe I hadn't noticed this before. I've been going to this museum for forty years, and now it just dawned on me. It just pushed that dagger into my heart further. Standing there in a split-second, realizing that queer art has been eradicated from history.

Shame on the art world for doing this. I mean, like De Vinci or Michelangelo didn't do any same-sex portraits? Shame on the queers that perpetuated the removal of art that represented us to please the patrons of the museums. Shame on all of us for not recognizing this and insisting that our public museums display the representation of all humanity, including the LGBTQ+ community.

I did contact the art center for awareness as I encourage everyone to reach out to there local art museums  to enlighten them of what's missing in their public exhibitions.
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