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Be Loved! | Cozy up with our story blanket of letters from notable gay and bi men. 100% Cotton | One-sided print | Machine wash in cold water using a mild detergent and gentle cycle only. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

F.O. Matthiessen to Russell Cheney

Oxford, England, February 5, 1925

Dearest Rat
I wonder if you know how perfect these last letters of yours have been? They take me right to the heart of your painting, to the heart of your life. It's just as though we were sitting in the room there together, talking over the new canvas, my hand in yours. Have I any idea how I share in everything you do? Only through knowing that your heart and mind are always with mine.
It is strange how certain moments of our trip come back and back. Probably the one moment I cherish above all others, the one when I seemed the very closest to you was on that night in Taormina after you had been sick, and I had gotten myself into an unbalanced emotional state imagining that I had been grating on your nerves. We sat on the bed talking the whole thing over until the petty tangle in my brain was unsnarled and I was unbelievably secure once more. Then, after the light was out, we were in each others arms and I said: "I love you, Rat". "Say it again, Devil" you breathed, holding me tight. "I love you, Rat". "Say it again," "I love you." "Say it again." "I love you. I love you".
Somehow in passionately pouring out those words, and in feeling you just as passionately accept them, my whole soul felt that it had expressed itself. Perhaps I was fully conscious for the first time that you had taken eagerly all that I wanted to give. It's hard for a feller to realize that he is loved as much as he loves.
Good-bye till to-morrow, dear Heart. God bless you.