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Be Loved! | Cozy up with our story blanket of letters from notable gay and bi men. 100% Cotton | One-sided print | Machine wash in cold water using a mild detergent and gentle cycle only. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

Hans Christian Andersen to the Grand Duke of Weimar

Trollhatte in Sweden, 18th August 1849

From the extreme north, on the boundary of Lapland, I have just reached here. I left Denmark in the spring, where I was useless in the struggle for victory, and have travelled through Sweden, have been up at Dalkarlien where no thunder of cannon resounds. Happy, politically-defined Sweden, with its secure boundaries! Three years ago I dreamt of undertaking the journey to Stockholm with you, but what a change has now come over everything!

I travelled alone, but you were in my thoughts – yes, I may say daily in my thoughts – with melancholy and sadness. Oh, you scarcely know how highly I rate you, how firmly you have grown into my heart! I have only rightly understood that this summer. I have received no answer to my last letter which I wrote to you in the spring. I afterwards heard that a contingent of Weimar troops had marched to the north, and finally I read that your Royal Highness had yourself gone to the seat of war.

I undertood the circumstances, and sorrowed deeply on account of them, but could write no more. But now the proclamations of peace are ringing in my years, I may follow the wishes of my heart and send this letter to my friend. In the far north of Sweden I received the news so late, and am only now listening to the sound of the joy-bells. I can see you again, and look into your honest, affectionate eyes. . .