Love Letters | Walt Whitman III

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Be Loved!  | Cozy up with our story blanket of letters from notable gay and bi men. 100% Cotton | One-sided print | Machine wash in cold water using a mild detergent and gentle cycle only. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

Walt Whitman to Peter Doyle

Brooklyn, Wednesday night, Aug. 3, 1870

Dear Pete,

Dear son, I received your second letter to-day. Dear son, I can almost see you drowsing and nodding since last Sunday, going home late, especially as we wait there at 7th St. and I am telling you something deep about the heavenly bodies
and in the midst of it I look around and find you fast asleep, and your head on my shoulder like a chunk of wood – an awful compliment to my lecturing powers.

Good night, Pete – Good night, my darling son,here is a kiss for you, dear boy – on the paper here – a good long one. . . . 10 o'clock at night. As this is lying here on my table to be sent off to-morrow, I will imagine you with your arm around my neck saying Good night, Walt – and me – Good night, Pete.