You've always been in good company.

Queer Goods | Est. 2019 : Our Love. Our Story. Our History.

Our Spartan Pride T-Shirts & Jersey Tanks

We're soldiers, scientists, politicians, business owners, artists & entertainers. We're fighters with a rich history of significant contributions to all our cultures. Our pride shirts display this, each with a name and the contributions of the individual, there is a direct link to their biography. There is no shame in being LGBTQIA+ just an enormous celebration that you are authentic and fearless. "You've always been in good company."

Celebrate our history, be educational.
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The Vintage Portrait Collection

The vintage collection is a growing archive of salvaged photos of “affectionate men”. Each has been restored and colorized. Each image has a story including its survival. Our history is constantly being erased. Proudly display this swag, the more people see images like these, it just breaks social barriers and stereotypes.

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Walt & Pete ® is a brand that celebrates bi & gay history. This collection is devoted to Walt Whitman & Peter Doyle. It's' to promote the love and success that have always existed in our community. It’s dedicated to "Our Love, Our Story & Our History."

"You've always been in good company."

Jake Smith | Founder, Artist & Designer

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