Walt Whitman Peter Doyle

 Our Story & Philosophy

Our purpose is to provide a historical perspective to young men that are coming out as Gay or Bi. That they are not alone, many men before have faced horrible obstacles and still succeeded in life. That they are not forsaken, as our tag line states "You've always been in good company".

Walt & Pete is dedicated to our oblivious pioneers. Men who defied odds of their time, to recognize their love for each other by expressing that affection through art and literature. It’s time to embrace these less notable men. They brazenly took a risk for a memento. It took enormous courage, if found, these men could be punished by humiliation or death. To be different and survive, you must be intelligent to navigate these paths that are less traveled. We get through life with the love we share, either if it is with our families or a family we develop on our own. If you’re lucky, to find a partner that you can share your life with. Its' always important to know that, You've always been in good company.

It crosses boundaries of race, education, economic status, and ethnicity. Gay and Bi men are in a club of their own with some of the most talented artist’s, military heroes, scientists, and actors. This also includes the men that are on the product lines of manufacturing, delivering our packages or your local server at your favorite restaurant.

Walt & Pete’s conception is to celebrate these men. Our design approach is for the men that are comfortable in their own skin. We don’t believe there is a stereotype, we are all naturally unique. We're cut from the same cloth of courage, intelligence, and love.  W & P  will be adding new products on a regular basis that embrace our sentiment to innovative classic designs.

Walt & Pete