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Stratford Tactical Expeditionary Travel Bag with Stag | Command Elegance

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Stratford Tactical Expeditionary Travel Bag with Stag | Command Elegance 

Embark on your journeys with the Stratford  Tactical Expeditionary Travel Bag, a symbol of distinguished masculinity inspired by the Army's heritage. This commanding bag features a vintage camouflage design reminiscent of the 1940s, embodying military elegance with our signature stag deer showcased on the endcaps – each silhouette intricately crafted in a vintage camouflage pattern.

Crafted from 100% high-grade PU leather, this bag is not merely a travel accessory but a statement of authority and endurance; the vintage camouflage pattern design, paying homage to military roots, sets it apart from ordinary travel bags, while the distinctive stag deer on the endcaps adds a touch of exclusivity.

Command attention and exemplify authority on your adventures with the Stratford Tactical Expeditionary Travel Bag.

Key Features:

Material: 100% high-grade PU leather

Size: 20" × 12'' × 9" (50.8cm × 30.5cm × 23cm

Handles: Robust brown PU leather for a military touch

Shoulder Strap: Adjustable for personalized comfort

Lining: Polyester for durability

Closure: Striking gold-colored zipper, a mark of distinguished elegance

Design: vintage camouflage pattern with our signature stag deer endcaps