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Kallokibotion bajazidi | Sportpak

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Kallokibotion bajazidi | Be Provisional

Script: "In the name of love."

Kallokibotion is an extinct genus of stem-turtle from the Upper Cretaceous, known from fossils found in Romania. One species is known, Kallokibotion bajazidi, which was named by Franz Nopcsa after his lover Bajazid Doda in 1923.

Lightweight, durable and amazing-looking - all the best qualities in one package! Thinking of a quick trip to the gym, store or beach? Take this drawstring gym bag with you, it’s the perfect storage system for those quick hops and light travels when you don’t feel like carrying a lot of excess items.

.: 100% Polyester
.: Fully lined with black sheeting
.: Small zipper pocket inside